Coleman Coastline Compact Tent Review

Coleman Coastline Compact Tent image 1Coleman Coastline Compact Tent – Green/Grey.
Its Coleman Coastline Compact Tent very easy to set up, no want for guidance, it could only go up a person way.. initial assembly took us about 18 mins. the second endeavor took us about fifteen minutes.. and also the 3rd about 12 mins. Its very well developed.. with large aspect pockets inside the tent.. with very good air flow., we had no condensation in the morning even though the camp facet with moist with owing.. the outer sheet operate off was fantastic. There was no h2o selection factors. Temperature was quite very good with merely a 50 % day of rain & no water got in. It didn’t get storm force treatment but reckon it would stay dry. Lots of room for 1 person with blow up mattress & plenty of space for luggage. Kneeling height inside. You could fit 2 people but but wouldn’t leave room for much within the way of luggage. Overall I would recommend!
put down ground sheet 1st, make sure two fabric straps of main tent are under ground sheet. its got a bathtub style to keep water out and also sewn in is the lining of the tent.

Peg down the ground sheet. Put together the main poles and insert then in the two sleeves, the end of the poles will need to go while in the eyelets on the fabric that goes under the ground sheet. The inner attaches to the outer with elasticated plastic hooks which leaves a gap between it and the outer. This Coleman Coastline Compact Tent ensures that weather is kept away from the inner living area and I found it works exceptionally very well, bone dry in the morning. As ever with tents, the size recommendation is way off. You won’t fit three people along with rucksacks and equipment in this.

It survived huge downpours with ease and dries out easily as perfectly. Like any tent with this material, it’s like a sauna within seconds in the heat, but some space blankets see to that. The porch is a good design and sizeable. It comes with velcro to fix the material over the zip, adding crucial seconds to a potential theft and making it more likely the thief would enter a more accessible tent. Once you’ve got the basics (outer sheet 1st, fix the corners, slide from the poles, stretch the corners, hang the inner, pull outer with ropes) it’s easy to put up.

Pretty spacious for a 2 person tent, strong and sturdy with a loads of pull strings to latch down the tent when really windy. A nice natural color which blends in with the environment. Just really warm and cousy, great for any type of camping! There are no interior hooks to hang items except for the pockets, but found it straightforward to hang my torch on a hook that is attaching the porch end of the interior lining to the exterior tent. The porch is incredibly useful even in very good weather. The Coleman Coastline Compact Tent bag is a little small for both the exterior tent, inner lining, rods and pegs, but it does fit in with some practice.

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    • Quick and stress-free to pitch in
    • Strong PE groundsheet
    • Plenty of space for campers
    • Compact pack size that fits neatly in a backpack

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